Banks Peninsula

Our final days were spent on the Banks Peninsula, close to Christchurch. We headed to the French town or Akoroa where we booked a boat to take us out in search of the endangered Hector Dolphins and White-flippered Penguins the next day. We drove up a steep winding road to reach our camp spot for the night, on a farm belonging to the family who would take us out on their boat the next day. We had a great evening enjoying the sunshine and cooking up a feast with the view of the sea far below. The next day we went on our final adventure taking a small boat driven by Steve whose family have lived and farmed the land for five generations. We spotted loads of amazing wildlife including the rare White-flippered Penguin (one of the smallest penguins in the world) and Giant Petrel’s with a huge wing span of 2 metres. On our way back we were joined by around 20 Hector Dolphins who swam along side the boat jumping in the waves. This is an endangered dolphin, endemic to the east coast of the South Island and is the smallest dolphin in the world.