Dunedin and Otago Peninsula

After Milford Sound we travelled across to the east coast. We stopped at a free camping spot en-route by a large dry river bed and secluded from civilisation. The next morning it was hot and sunny so we decided to make a home made shower that we hung off the end of Hank the camper. We then headed into Dunedin the oldest city in the South Island, where we took a self guided street art tour and had a delicious meal at the iconic cafe (New Zealand’s top rated cafe). The next day we travelled out onto the Otago Peninsular where we explored the wild and rugged beaches and stumbled across some huge sea lions lazing on the beach. In the evening we headed North along the coast towards Moeraki, stopping at Shag point to watch a huge seal colony with lots of male seals fighting as it is currently breading season.